Post-Ludum Dare

This Ludum Dare was great, learned a lot and got some great feedback! I’ll be prepared for next time. Some great entries too. 250+ games to play through and judge now!

I made a timelapse of the 48 hour competition which looks pretty cool, here it is:

(Shame it only caught one screen… missed out on some stuff…)

Also here is a weird qwerky video by Test Subject 51:

Hope you enjoy, here was my entry again: “The Genetic Playground”.

~ Kyle ~


Ludum Dare = Finished;

It’s over! At 3:50 am! Finally uploading the 48 hour game made… Still going to be a while to sleep. Got to make sure everything is sorted and finalise everything.

It’s rather like a toy though as there is no ‘winning’ element. More time would’ve allowed for that. The game is called “The Genetic Playground”. You splice little creatures together into new weird ones. A little qwerk but i would’ve liked to seen animations, challenges, mutations, exploration and even an implementation of a grand old Genetic Algorithm to make them do wonderous things.

Hope you enjoy playing it. You can edit the textures if you wish to have new creature types but it that’s about how versatile it is at this stage haha.

Here is what the game looks like:


Come... Enter the lab! Splicing awaits!



A Horde of Lizard Bat C'thulus!!!!!



And here is what i look like after it all…


Vacant... that is all.


8.5 Hours sleep, 12 Slices of toast and 11 Cups of coffee / tea throughout 48 hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and learn how to make one quicker and better!

Oh and here’s the link to it after all that off loaded: “Genetic Playground”


(Post-) Kyle


Ludum Dare + 40 Hours

10 Slices of toast, 9 cups of coffee and only 8 and half hours sleep. 8 hours to go and it’s the final sprint to the end for me. Just got to add more creatures and some sounds in and stuff make it more pleasing!

Here is a screen shot of it so far…


The laboratory!


And my lab!



See you in 8 hours!


Ludum Dare + 15 hours

An update on the genetic playground! They’re alive! AAALLLIIIVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

All the major services are in. I just need to enhance the genetic splicing and make a whole load of things game wise to make it pleasing.

Here is a screen of the thing in action so far:

Natural Selection... ppfffttt.

I’m having a break for a few hours to see my friend for his birthday. I will be back later on to finish this thing off! Still no sleep! Not till it’s over!

See you,


Ludum Dare + 10 hours

10 hours in and progress is kind of slow… just getting the idea foundation in whilst havingĀ  3 hours sleep. Once sorted then i can roll away.

The idea:

The theme is Discovery! so the idea is to genetically breed and farm your own super beings, discovering new life. Splice two species together and see what forms or naturally build them.

Breeding naturally will get them bigger and stronger whereas genetically splicing will mutate them.

Hopefully i can add parts where you can introduce radiation to enhance mutations. Even creating new or different parts:

Here is a screenie: (Mind the bad artwork…)


The Professor wants you... specimen...





Pre-Ludum Dare…

The competition is coming! 48 hours of pure game creation starts in 5 hours!

Lack of sleep, light and nutrition will be inevitable. Everyone is venturing out socially this weekend for christmas too! I guess i’ll see them when I emerge from the depths of the lab! … Well… badly lit bedroom…

I guess i’ll get some sleep and set my alarm for 2 in the morning! My suggested theme: “Created, but never destroyed…” is in the top 20 as well. So maybe it’ll be my first competition under my own theme too… i doubt it though! I look forward to it. Time to prepare some food and tidy up ready for it.

Here is the state of the ‘lab’ pre-competition:


Pre competition work area

Aye... it's a mess.



I’ll keep updates of the progress!

Take care,


Re-Birth of Selthar

Hey there,

To fix the (numerous) bugs in “The Birth of Selthar” we’ve began to develop an XNA version of it. Making it a solid game and polishing the gameplay elements.

These will be tweaked and it should hopefully be out soon. Maybe forĀ  new year if it is at all possible. I will try to aim for it anyway in my spare time. It’s nearly halfway already so the last push is all that is needed. I’ll keep posts on that development.


Also I aim to enter in Ludum Dare 19 this December as it should be a cracking competition this time around. The themes look incredibly interesting and I haven’t made a new game for a while due to university written elements. It’ll be a brilliant break from it! I hope all you game developers enter!


On a further note the dissertation is coming nicely… the foundation of my analysis is there, all I need is to fleshen out and refine.


Take care,