Re-Birth of Selthar

Hey there,

To fix the (numerous) bugs in “The Birth of Selthar” we’ve began to develop an XNA version of it. Making it a solid game and polishing the gameplay elements.

These will be tweaked and it should hopefully be out soon. Maybe for  new year if it is at all possible. I will try to aim for it anyway in my spare time. It’s nearly halfway already so the last push is all that is needed. I’ll keep posts on that development.


Also I aim to enter in Ludum Dare 19 this December as it should be a cracking competition this time around. The themes look incredibly interesting and I haven’t made a new game for a while due to university written elements. It’ll be a brilliant break from it! I hope all you game developers enter!


On a further note the dissertation is coming nicely… the foundation of my analysis is there, all I need is to fleshen out and refine.


Take care,



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