Pre-Ludum Dare…

The competition is coming! 48 hours of pure game creation starts in 5 hours!

Lack of sleep, light and nutrition will be inevitable. Everyone is venturing out socially this weekend for christmas too! I guess i’ll see them when I emerge from the depths of the lab! … Well… badly lit bedroom…

I guess i’ll get some sleep and set my alarm for 2 in the morning! My suggested theme: “Created, but never destroyed…” is in the top 20 as well. So maybe it’ll be my first competition under my own theme too… i doubt it though! I look forward to it. Time to prepare some food and tidy up ready for it.

Here is the state of the ‘lab’ pre-competition:


Pre competition work area

Aye... it's a mess.



I’ll keep updates of the progress!

Take care,



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