Ludum Dare = Finished;

It’s over! At 3:50 am! Finally uploading the 48 hour game made… Still going to be a while to sleep. Got to make sure everything is sorted and finalise everything.

It’s rather like a toy though as there is no ‘winning’ element. More time would’ve allowed for that. The game is called “The Genetic Playground”. You splice little creatures together into new weird ones. A little qwerk but i would’ve liked to seen animations, challenges, mutations, exploration and even an implementation of a grand old Genetic Algorithm to make them do wonderous things.

Hope you enjoy playing it. You can edit the textures if you wish to have new creature types but it that’s about how versatile it is at this stage haha.

Here is what the game looks like:


Come... Enter the lab! Splicing awaits!



A Horde of Lizard Bat C'thulus!!!!!



And here is what i look like after it all…


Vacant... that is all.


8.5 Hours sleep, 12 Slices of toast and 11 Cups of coffee / tea throughout 48 hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and learn how to make one quicker and better!

Oh and here’s the link to it after all that off loaded: “Genetic Playground”


(Post-) Kyle



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