Dissertation: β.

Finally the dissertation has reached Beta stage!

There will be and there is mistakes, discrepencies and just generally areas which need improving. If anyone really does read it ( ha!) then please e-mail me about anything and i will rectify it. The dissertation is already handed in however I do want to continue the subject.

I’ve already seen that the caption number underneath the pictures jumps from picture 5 to picture 10.
Also section 8.2.1 “Product Flaw” needs explaining further. It is meant to explain linear deposition of snow and it’s problems.

Here it is anyway:

And a little screenshot!


There is so many things I would’ve done differently in this dissertation but it’s all done now. I’m a bit disappointed as a more focused end goal would’ve resulted in a more refined project.

Dissertation facts
Word Count: 20,009
Words per Day: 190.5619047619047619047619047619

Word at:
1k    – are
5k    – effects
10k – quality
15k – Different

“Different effects are quality!”


– Kyle.