114 days have passed since last update… just how fast does time want to wash by? …

[During this time: ]

Project Selthar has been taking shape now… the story is about to unfold with a healthy flourish of wonderful characters, creatures and worlds. December is the deadline for the beta version of ‘Chapter 1: The Birth of Selthar’ – the complete re-imagining of the old competition game made back in the day.

Here is the raw screenshot of the foundations being developed:

View of editor and exterior world tiling

And Kyle said: "Let there be an editor!" and then there was one...

[Art by Mark Pilkington]

As of me – I currently have graduated (July 2011) with a first class honours in Computer Games Software Engineering and now looking for industry experience. The project work will keep me busy whilst this happens. I want to touch up on basics too anyway!

I took a small break (post graduation) from things for a while to see family I haven’t kept in contact with, and now it’s time to get back with development. My Xbox has suddenly decided to break down (argh) which is detrimental to progress but it’s a minor thing. Part-time work on weekends will slow me down too (however that’s to keep me living normally). I need to take charge and manage this effectively so it doesn’t become too casual!

I’ll try to keep you all up to date with the development of Project Selthar. This is a working title. It’s planned for XBLIG and PC/Mac by December.I hope this project interests many of you and any support / criticism to any part of the project is much appreciated!

I need to set up a name for myself and the storyline etc. and then i can offer freebies to you all and start marketing on Facebook, twitter and all those fancy social sites now! The independent game development industry is growing and has a very great community spirit about it wish I would love to get involved with!



P.S. Watch out for ‘Anvil Hat’…


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