The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter MittyA pretty unexpected good film again. Didn’t realise it was Ben Stiller who directed the film and Steve Conrad that wrote it. It made sense as it had the feel of ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, just not as emotionally hard hitting. Recommend to watch it.


American Hustle

Amreican Hustle

The movie had lived up to it’s expectations given the amount of recommendations I had for this film. Great cast and spot on storyline. Took a while to get round to watching it.

Dumb and Dumber To

I thought this wasn’t going to be near as funny as the original but it comes rather close! Maybe my expectations were very low and Jim Carrey is one of my favourite comedians.


Love the ridiculous physical jokes, it reminds me of Bottom in that sense. I still would’ve liked more ridiculous over the top jokes.

An example and a minor spoiler on next page…

Fresh Development + Mario 64 DS

From being inspired by Jesse Schell’s blog: ‘Things I Finished’ this is being rehashed to be a scrapbook of stuff I have completed. As Jesse puts it – “TO HELP MYSELF REMEMBER HOW I FELT ABOUT VARIOUS THINGS THAT I FINISHED”. Exactly that. I’ve found myself in a better routine to play and actually enjoy the games instead of rushing them or aiming to get all achievements.

Mario 64 DS.

Mario 64 DS All 150 Stars

It was a lovely replay. It is the first game I have really indulged in on the (3)DS. It felt a bit sluggish and awkward to move initially and I thought it may have lost it’s movement mechanic charm that I was used to with the N64 version, but I soon got over that and enjoyed reminiscing with the old levels I clocked many years ago. Shifting Sand Level… ah the frustration! Mixing puzzles with Wario, Yoshi and Luigi was a pleasant addition which added more depth to the original. Haven’t played the mini-games yet either…