Fresh Development + Mario 64 DS

From being inspired by Jesse Schell’s blog: ‘Things I Finished’ this is being rehashed to be a scrapbook of stuff I have completed. As Jesse puts it – “TO HELP MYSELF REMEMBER HOW I FELT ABOUT VARIOUS THINGS THAT I FINISHED”. Exactly that. I’ve found myself in a better routine to play and actually enjoy the games instead of rushing them or aiming to get all achievements.

Mario 64 DS.

Mario 64 DS All 150 Stars

It was a lovely replay. It is the first game I have really indulged in on the (3)DS. It felt a bit sluggish and awkward to move initially and I thought it may have lost it’s movement mechanic charm that I was used to with the N64 version, but I soon got over that and enjoyed reminiscing with the old levels I clocked many years ago. Shifting Sand Level… ah the frustration! Mixing puzzles with Wario, Yoshi and Luigi was a pleasant addition which added more depth to the original. Haven’t played the mini-games yet either…


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