Song of the Sea

A lovely tale with beautiful animations.Definitely recommend this film. The music score highly compliments the film.

Didn’t realise Lisa Hannigan voiced the mother in this film too.


Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D WorldThis game is incredible. Loved every moment of it.

The level designs are spot on and kept me fully entertained throughout.

Just when you think it is over it keeps spitting out more well balanced levels.

Gained all 380 stars too! Although to get the last 5 stamps to make it 100% completition means you need to play all levels again with every character. Need multiplayer to help tackle that.

Mario 3D World Completed Save

Ignore the retries! ~400 … damn.

Definitely recommend. On to Toad’s Treasure Tracker now.

Lolita (1962 & 1997)

Lolita 1962 + 1997Watched and loved both versions. Jeremy Irons plays a great part. Always highly rated him as an actor.

1997 version definitely is a lot darker than the Kubrick one but I guess that’s due to the age of the films.

Still haven’t read the Vladimir Nabokov book though.

The Interview

The InterviewNothing really fits in this film.. it felt too much of a mess with it trying to mix sattire and slapstick humour jokes. I think South Park ‘s Matt Stone & Trey Park have that one nailed.

I felt James Franco was trying to hard to play a dumb douchebag host but it would’ve played so much better with something subtle.

There were a few good jokes but overall it definitely isn’t up to it’s hype. The plot was completley predicatable which wouldn’t be negative if the jokes were well crafted and delivered.

Don’t recommend.


PaulAlways enjoyed the humor and films of Simon Pegg & Nick Frost and that’s why I most likely rate this. Nothing on the levels of Shaun of the Dead but definitely worth a watch. Especially if you’re a fan… 2011… a bit late to it so I guess most fans have already seen it ha..

It Follows

It FollowsThe suspense in this horror was outstanding. The long pauses and anxiety building chase scenes were excellent.
A few minor subjective changes to add more jump scares and remove some sounds that weren’t needed would’ve made it even better. It definitely doesn’t take away from the experience at all. Just the lack of sound at parts would’ve made it feel like you were holding your breath waiting for ‘it’.
Need more.
I’ll not add spoilers or any story infomration. Go watch.

Another Earth

Another EarthAn introspective gradually unravelling film which works well. The premise and the execution was excellent. I really recommend it and watch it without any ideas of the storyline.

A few times the camera work broke my engagement but it was pleasent through the majority of the film and the type of movement did compliment the theme.