Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO

A lovely turn based puzzle game from Square Enix Montreal that has a minimalist feel that resembles Monument Valley.
The puzzles difficulty distribution is perfect. It ramped up smoothly and effectively with a few slightly difficult ones near the end. I just would like more and more difficult ones as it took me only a few hours at most.

It’s out for all mobile platforms as of this post so I  definitely recommend it. Even at it’s full price of £3.99.

I just need one more achievement- The Master Builder as the rest are done.


We Need To Talk About Kevin

We Need To Talk About KevinThis film is outstanding. The story, characters, acting, editing… it all works so well and beautiful. Also didn’t forsee some things playing out the way it did which added drastically to the film.
If you’ve never seen it, watch it…. and don’t read the blurbs like I did. If I read them I think I’d have a different perspective.
Want to read the book now…


This could have been an incredible film if it wasn’t let down by the hollow acting of the rap duo Die Antwoord. Regardless of their music the acting felt amateur leaving the film hollow. Even some of the other acting felt a bit wet at places.
Chappie himself was a relatable and believeable robot that really brought the film alive. It definitely keeps the feel of Distrcit 9 but I was really disappointed and cringed alot during some scenes.
Overall it was a decent film and is worth a watch.Chappie
Hugh Jackman plays a decent arsehole character but it doesn’t expand that much. Mainly because Chappie was the main feature obviously and his development had to be solid which it indeed was.

Witcher 2

Witcher 2The fighting style was quite a leap from Witcher 1 so I got my arse handed to me in the tutorial Arena. The game then made the recommendation to complete this on easy… I opted for Normal however as I want it to be a challenge as I know I’ll learn as I go and wasn’t sure how it would progress… still difficult! Mainly the bosses or large mixed crowds were a challenge. A long learning curve later, after finding the best balance of signs and blocking and dodging, I managed to love it and really enjoy it.
I don’t think I’ll try on the hardest difficulty as it is a long game but think I could give it a go now I’ve learned the combat. It gave a lot of depth to the game and I actually got immersed in the game. I tried using the Xbox controller but opted for keyboard / mouse combo.

Really enjoyed it and now ready for the third installment! Still need to purchase it…

Thelma & Louise

Thelma and LouiseYet another classic watched!
Excellent film with great characters played by great people. The snowballing storyline played out beautifully well, almost frustrating at points anticipating next calamity. The comedic moments added more depth, showing more character and enabling empathy easier.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Space OdysseyContinuing the streak of watching classics with Space Odyssey abd I can see why it got great response. Superb film with amazing camera shots and practical effects that still hold up today.

Some overly long drawn out scenes that could’ve still held it’s atmospheric integrity if shortened but that’s the only fault I could pick with it. Beautiful score to compliment the movie too.

Definitely worth the praise that was given.

Princess Mononoke

Another masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki that remained unwatched until now.
Princess Mononoke
The standard that his studio produces needs no explaining. The storyline and animation is outstanding.

If you’re like me and still need to catch up on all these fillms and haven’t watched this yet then make it a priority.