Witcher 2

Witcher 2The fighting style was quite a leap from Witcher 1 so I got my arse handed to me in the tutorial Arena. The game then made the recommendation to complete this on easy… I opted for Normal however as I want it to be a challenge as I know I’ll learn as I go and wasn’t sure how it would progress… still difficult! Mainly the bosses or large mixed crowds were a challenge. A long learning curve later, after finding the best balance of signs and blocking and dodging, I managed to love it and really enjoy it.
I don’t think I’ll try on the hardest difficulty as it is a long game but think I could give it a go now I’ve learned the combat. It gave a lot of depth to the game and I actually got immersed in the game. I tried using the Xbox controller but opted for keyboard / mouse combo.

Really enjoyed it and now ready for the third installment! Still need to purchase it…


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