Life Is Strange

The whole series up to episode four left me pining for more and when the finale emerged I dived back in yet I was sorely disappointed. I am genuinely gutted.

Life Is Strange

[Spoilers below]

In what was an adventure of concious and empathy turned to be a toss up between two endings with no real reflection of what Max has encountered or what choices you previously made. Both endings were unsatisfying and expected, clich├ęd too. No answers were revealed in these endings which was the worst mistake.

They could of done out with the shoehorned stealth gameplay* and just crafted better and more endings based on the previous episodes.
In the street where you had to save the townspeople from the storm could’ve played you like a fiddle simply by allowing you to save one but someone else dies instead and vice versa. There was no sense of emergency. Even limiting the rewinds because the storm is close is a good excuse for you to invoke urgency.

*[I had to reset this stealth part too as the rewind was broken, the character that caught me would’nt retreat and I was stuck in an endless loop. It took me back right to the start of the area too.]


Howl’s Moving Castle

Definitely surprised I had not seen this earlier. I can see why it is rated so highly.

Howl's Moving Castle

Watched the English dubbed version instead of the subbed version as I like the authentic voice but Studio Ghibli put great effort in making it sound and look amazing. Glad they voiced Christian Bale as Howl as it worked very well. Highly recommend.


Armikrog was enjoyable but I felt that it was too short. There’s 5h 36m, racked on GoG so I’d say there was in total 5 hours of gameplay. The puzzles weren’t too challenging although the start area threw me off for a little bit wondering what to do / click on.

I think I expected more interwoven puzzles and depth to the things you do and even the characters. Especially coming from Monkey Island adventures.

I missed out playing the Neverhood properly so I’m going to go back and play it fully. The art style is lovely but is let down with minimal gameplay.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Fantastic game! Just need to finish the very last bonus level since gaining 192 diamonds!

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

The puzzles were well crafted and didn’t feel like a chore to gather all items. It was a nice touch to unlock more bonus levels since playing Super Mario 3D World. The same fun and design was applied to this prequel for toad.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and fully recommend!