Life Is Strange

The whole series up to episode four left me pining for more and when the finale emerged I dived back in yet I was sorely disappointed. I am genuinely gutted.

Life Is Strange

[Spoilers below]

In what was an adventure of concious and empathy turned to be a toss up between two endings with no real reflection of what Max has encountered or what choices you previously made. Both endings were unsatisfying and expected, clichéd too. No answers were revealed in these endings which was the worst mistake.

They could of done out with the shoehorned stealth gameplay* and just crafted better and more endings based on the previous episodes.
In the street where you had to save the townspeople from the storm could’ve played you like a fiddle simply by allowing you to save one but someone else dies instead and vice versa. There was no sense of emergency. Even limiting the rewinds because the storm is close is a good excuse for you to invoke urgency.

*[I had to reset this stealth part too as the rewind was broken, the character that caught me would’nt retreat and I was stuck in an endless loop. It took me back right to the start of the area too.]


2 thoughts on “Life Is Strange

  1. I can totally understand your complaints, but enjoy the final episode a bit more than you did (luckily I didn’t have to re due that stealth bit, which was shoehorned in like you say). I enjoyed all the twists and turns of the final story arc, and how it was all brought back to Max was really good. But as you said the endings were fairly predictable and cliché, which at the time I didn’t mind too much, I was sorta just enjoying the moment I guess…

    Your complaints are definitely valid though! Especially with the lack of emergency throughout, it was too easy… and not a lot of consequence from your actions (reminds me of the ending to Mass Effect..). Despite all this, its still probably in my list for games of the year without a doubt, and like the ending of Mass Effect 3, it luckily didn’t ruin the experience (well not too much).

    • The other 4 episodes definitely make it a great game! Still went back and snapped all the photo opportunities heh.

      Ah, I only played the extended cut of Mass Effect so got more closure and answers than the original ending people were presented with, Loved that game so much, looking forward to Andromeda!

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