Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My excitement was high for this film so my expectations were a bit higher naturally. It started off so well but fell short. I think it was played very safe and didn’t really push what Star Wars could have been, especially in this cinema age. I guess it is as tremendous burden to really twist this franchise and please everyone. This was possibly to test the waters and the future ones will start to see that change.

Watched in IMAX 3D; a first in that medium, as regular 3D usually hurts and disorientates me, and it was a great experience. The effects were astounding and they weren’t forced. It made the film experience quite similar to a play. You can see the actors and the depth of the scene which distracts from the cinema feel. Definitely want to compare the two to see the differences and see if it changes the way I viewed the film.

Overall I enjoyed The Force Awakens, it was a pleasure to watch but wasn’t anything spectacular.


The one main thing I wish I had seen was a heavier conflict between Kylo Ren’s Dark and Light side – make the fight quite schizophrenic.


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