Fallout 4

Glad I had a long holiday time as I sank around 160 hours on Steam into the Wasteland. Knew I would like it regardless, however there were a few issues that I liked to have seen or missed, especially the  Karma System. It was a role playing game so I acted as if there were bigger hidden consequences. The companions view of you affected by actions also helped this.
Another issue was with the protagonist who should’ve had more depth, especially when voice acted. Stepping straight out of cryogenic freeze into a desolate world should have been a quite a hard change that should have been portrayed better. Even a little ‘holy shit’ moment acted out by the character when first encountering Super Mutants or Ghouls for example.

More story points you may want to avoid if you haven’t played:
Once you start trying to get to the Institute and exploring the Glowing Sea the story really opens up and the choices were well crafted. Exploring was fun from the beginning. Took me around 40 hours to even get to Diamond City.
I went down the path of the Railroad and Brotherhood of Steel hoping they could work together. Thought I could convince them that there were decent synths out there and that not all of them had to be destroyed… Until the Brotherhood showed me that they could not in ‘Blind Betrayal’.
When I got to the Institute, I was really taken back, I wanted to join them for science and the future although I couldn’t justify their methods and could not turn by back on the Railroad, and kill them too. It definitely was not a black and white choice that made the game for me. The Institute were not the massively evil underground force that it was made out to be. Fully enjoyed it.

Highly recommend it if you haven’t played it yet.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 4

  1. The main character needed a lot more depth. This was the first time they’re not having a silent protagonist. These guys do listen to their audience (Bethesda), so I’d imagine if there is a next installment, they improve that.

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