The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The characters were hard to identify with as their personalities seemed forced and plastic. They’re stereotypes too which I thought would make it easier. I found myself disinterested in their stories. However I did overcome that wall a few hours into it.
Gameplay itself was great, it felt good to maneuver and the weapons / abilities were well balanced. Being an XCOM game I didn’t doubt it would be. I was hoping for more options for the side missions though as there didn’t seem to be any resource management or chance of failure if you sent squads away on missions. It was free items and squad members essentially which was disappointing. The main story was pretty linear for the majority but made up for it with the actual progression and last third.
Overall it’s worth playing as not too long of a game.


Grim Fandango Remastered

Glad I got round to playing this again as I absolutely loved this game. The theme, story and characters work so well. The comedy is golden.
Only encountered a couple of game breaking bugs where I had to revert to an earlier save, which could have been more irritating if I hadn’t kept a roster of fresh saves every so often. These bus were crafty too as it caused key events not to happen which made me doubt if I was solving the puzzle correctly. I also forgot how bizarre some of the puzzles which stumped me at places!
The remaster isn’t a full remake thankfully as I think it would’ve ruined the novelty of the game. I’d recommend playing it if you never have.

The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy & Domhnall Gleeson were outstanding in this film. The visual shots and tension made it an epic film. The core story wasn’t anything unique or groundbreaking but the acting and cinematography made it. Highly recommend a watch.

Hateful Eight

Very slow burner but it unraveled very well. Set in one location too which added to the atmosphere. It added new elements at key points to keep it moving slowly.
With the length and way it was delivered I can see why it wouldn’t appeal to some; a young couple walked out midway, although they were disinterested from the start, talking and distracted via their phones.
I think Django was the better of the Tarantino films but I would recommend to watch. I think the actors definitely make the story even more fulfilling. Always been a fan of the group he has.

The Elephant’s Journey

Really enjoyed reading this book by Jose Saramago, although it was hard to follow at times with very minimal punctuation, I guess to preserve the translation by Margaret Jull Costa. Without quotation marks it took a bit extra to work out who the speakers were.
The comedic touches breaking the 4th wall were perfectly done. The story unfolded very fast I felt, possibly due to the way it flowed, but it didn’t degrade the adventure.

Highly recommend reading this.