Man of Steel

Apart from the out of character destruction of Metropolis it was actually an alright superhero film.
Definitely wasn’t as bad as Watchemen.



This actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Definitely wasn’t the worst Sandler film..
I think it might’ve been because my expectations were so low anyway.
The film followed a classic recipe that wouldn’t flop. Very safe format.
Some obvious bad jokes but was friendly enough.

REC 2: Fear Revisited

REC 2 is what Resident Evil movies should have been!
The SWAT team could’ve stuck together and checked their corners more but it was still great. The practical effects were outstanding.
Kinda held off watching the rest of these films as the first one was so good I didn’t want to let it spoil.

The Good Dinosaur

The water animation and lighting in this film is incredible, they always keep surprising me. Never heard things about this film until casually seeing the toys for it in the Disney store, however, I recommend seeing it. It’s nothing new story wise but it is lovely.

Black Mass

It kept me watching but it seemed flat; neither atrocious nor excellent. Depp’s make up took me off point sometimes too, I guess it was meant to be unsubtle and jarring but it went too far I reckon, to the point where it became a distraction.

Le Petit Prince

Absolutely loved this film.
A great angle to the story which was delivered amazingly, The animation and effects were beautiful and together with the voice acting and music score it was an instant classic.
Recommend fully.