Run All Night

Pretty disappointed with this film…
I can see the effect of the camera moving through the city was to preserve the sense of time passing being immediate, but it was just over the top and impacted immersion. Don’t know if it was made to aid the 3D cinema?
I don’t know how that hitman was considered the best since he could’ve cleaned his targets at ease at many moments throughout. For instance, in the apartments he could have gained a closer sure shot considering he was blending in and it was dark, but he decided to fire up a couple of  flights through a crowd.. Also he delayed firing, even having time to quip at the end.


A Walk Among the Tombstones

Pretty damn good film, I had no expectations of this film anyway but it really was one of the better thrillers. Some great little humor parts. The killers fell a bit flat but some other characters made up for it.


The critics raved about it saying it is the best Sci-Fi with the hardest plots to grasp, however, if you have a seen a few movies, played a few games, read a few books, especially around the genre [e.g. 12 Monkeys] you’ll get it straight away. Even the opening sentences and scenes spoiled it. They just gave too big of a hint. I was hoping for a final twist to pull that expectation apart, like they purposely made it seem obvious just to pull the rug.
I wish I read the short story “All You Zombies” initially that it was based on, I just didn’t know of it. I think having no visual clues and big hints would’ve made it.
It still was a splendid film with great acting but I think keeping it short  would’ve preserved it’s mystery.

Gravity Falls

This 2 series show had me hooked from the start. LOST’s mystery should have been delivered like this; quicker and actually answered…
Hilarious characters and the cast is top quality.
Recommend it.