Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Thankfully they kept the same formula for this game as the first, I absolutely loved it.
Just wish there was a second stick to accompany the vacumming but it was splendid regardless. Great humor and great puzzles.

** spoilers **

There were two gripes though. Firstly, the minecart spinning wall boss that you have to fire bombs at was annoying. You just have to find the pattern but the time limit and frustration took the fun away. A bit more tweaking to the bomb firing would have eased the frustration. My second attempt took less than 5 mins with 0 health lost and I still only got silver. (Maybe because he refreshed once…).
Secondly, the professor sometimes takes you back just as you want to explore the final area. Minor issue, but annoying. Especially if you took your time and spent 30 minutes vacuuming the area only to be pixelshifted away as you see some treasure.

Excellent game though. Go play.


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