Finding Dory & Piper

Finding Dory was another Pixar great. Lovely animation and great storytelling. It knows how to pull the emotion eachway.

Also, before the cinema experience they showed an animated short entilted Piper, an amazing work of art. The water and the sand effects were just amazing. Also, the non-verbal story was powerful and cute. This little bird is going to be a new hit:


Fully recommend it.


Pacific Rim

The Kaiju are so friggin’ cool. Del Toro did a great job although it could’ve done without the american macho bullshit parts. The beef with arrogant Chuck reminded me of crap T.V drama unfortunately and it didn’t add anything to the film. Regardless, the film was compelling to watch as the fight scenes just got better and better. It’s what you want in giant robot fighting beasts movie. I loved each nation’s Jaeger too. The russian one looked like a fallout protectron.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

A lovely film, so well animated as usual and the story is well crafted.
Glad I got round to seeing this. Recommend if you haven’t seen.
Jiji is lush too! Thought I recognised Phil Hartman’s voice heh heh. His last voice acting role too before his death sadly.

Hail, Caesar!

Wasn’t the best Coen brother’s movie but it was enjoyable. Subtle humor and great camera work crafting some lovely shots. Might have been too many characters again, but worth watching.