The Vampire Lestat

Straight onto Queen of the Damned now. Excellent book series.
Shame I haven’t read these before, I have been meaning to for so long.
They’re well written with great mythical and history entwined with the characters.



Didn’t hear about this film so it was physically unknown to me. It wasn’t a boring film but it wasn’t one of the greats either.

SPOLIER: I think him staying good at the end after a year of preperation was a bit anti-climatic. Was hoping him to break away and realise what his real motive was rather than standard happy ending.


Another cracking Disney film – A well rounded family comedy with excellent animation.

Even after the film, I loved the fact the news anchors were different animals depending which region it was examples being; China: Panda, Japan: Tanuki, Brazil: Jaguar, UK: Corgi, USA/Canada: Moose, Australia: Koala.