Batman: Assault on Arkham

Quite enjoyed this Suicide Squad movie; great animation, suprising elements and pretty funny.
Only real complaint is it felt a bit rushed and a bit too short – definitely not as bad if they just filled it with waste scenes though.
Recommend it and want to see how it compares to the new Suicide Squad movie…


Super Mario 3D Land

An excellent extension to the Wii U version although to clock both at 100% is going to take some effort… and also, I realised I don’t think I can unlock the shiny 5 stars as I may have died more than 5 times in a level in the main world and carried on. It’s a shame as I don’t want to particularly replay it, especially considering how many other things I need to do! Wish I knew this earlier but didn’t want to spoil it.
Hopefully, and if I manage to get round to it, getting both Luigi and Mario to complete the level and have a golden flag I’ll see the shiny 5 stars and not the standard…
Recommend for all 3DS users to play though!