How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Richard E. Grant plays a fantastic role. Enjoyable film and I’m surprised I’ve never heard or watched it before weridly. Felt I was weighing it up against Withnail & I though, which completely outshines it.


Sausage Party

Was expecting a full on stoner animated movie, and I was excited about the premise, but it ended up a social commentry with weak sterotype jokes that were wrongly paced. Laughed a few times but nothing hilarious, the orgy scene was actually more cringeworthy than funny as it just felt forced to end the film and get that R+ rating. I exepected the film to be a hell of a lot darker and weird, yet it kept quite close to a pixar story arc so lost it’s effect of being surreal. A feature length film like this needs to be on point with its jokes yet the puns out shined the main jokes.

The Neon Demon


Although the camera shots were pleasing there was nothing to the plot of this film. 110 minutes of overly drawn out silences and forced metaphors which led to nothing anyway. There were only a few covnersations that actually had some substance but the rest were cringeworthy, especially the initial bathroom scene…

‘I bring the singular, the narcissistic, the high art’, a quote from the director Nicolas Winding Refn, yet all that seems forced here, it is a really shit attempt to blast the fashion industry for it’s bastardisation of beauty standards and exploitation of women, hell, Zoolander does it better, yet this is trying to be smart and obscure yet fails to deliver any plot. A lesbian necrophilic scene is thrown in to get audience reactions yet had no other purpose unfortunately.