Mafia 1 & 2

Never fully completed Mafia 1 until now as it was merely rented from Blockbuster. It does feel really dated but plays well.

*minor spoilers* The stealth mission was infuriating too, just at the very end when escaping the mansion as the companion would always be seen… thankfully you can run to the garden door and hope the companion is close by.
Also the racing mission was a bit of a pain, especially playing on mouse and keyboard. 5 laps was a bit much and overturning the car meant you had to restart entire race. Eventually gave up and just played on very easy to get first and move on sadly.

The game itself is really fun and engaging though, some bad voice overs at parts but very likeable characters and great story progression.

Mafia 2 was a great leap forward graphically, small map but again they delivered on the story and characters. The small attention to details was a bonus too! The DLC was also great but because they opted for the textual story rather than voice acting it lost the immersion a bit and sometimes I forgot what was actually happening.

Looking forward to playing the third but heard it’s pretty buggy. Most likely it will be patched before I play it.


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