10 Rillington Place

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this earlier. Fantastic performances from Hurt, Geeson and Attenborough. Sad to hear of John Hurt’s passing a few days later after I watched this, an absolute fantastic actor and I shall raise a glass to his legacy.

Apparently some facts including that Evans was illiterate and a fantasist were wrong, but I need to research that, even to satisfy my own curiosity. It ruined it for some but if you take it as the movie it is and not a full documentry then it won’t disappoint. The movie itself is quite slow but the acting really works well with this pacing.


The Cat Returns

Wish I’d seen this earlier! A fantastic surreal animated film. Studio Ghibli always deliver.
Recommend fully, especially if you haven’t seen it before. The characters are fantastic.

Angel’s Egg [Tenshi no Tamago]

A beautiful, surreal, hand-drawn animation. The details and ambiguity certainly drew me in, especially coupled with the atmospheric sounds and environments.

Don’t expect a typical anime structure or an obvious point to the film. Some negative reviews on this film focus on trying to extract a core plot whereas it’s more of an animated painting by Mamoru Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano in 1985 – it’s more personal to the creators and subjective for the audience.

The Eyes of My Mother

This art house horror was strong at points, it portrayed a lonely psychopath very well and some scenes were visually pleasing, but it felt empty. I wasn’t expecting a climax but there was nothing to take away from the film.

** spoilers **

Some of the plot points were left too much to your assumptions; as example, Francisca, an unsocial lonely psychopath, went to a isolated bar and took home another woman. It seemed highly odd, especially from the only visual to go on was a very awkward converation from the car window. You couldn’t even assume they met previously as when they got home she quipped about their awkwardness of a first time meeting.

Took me a while to really think back over this film as I really wanted to like it. There were great elements to it but the plot really let it down.The silences inbetween the few conversations seemed to be forced longer which didn’t help.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I enjoyed this game, and should do considering completing the main story three times already – once standard, then New Game+, then the ‘I Never Asked For This’ difficulty – but it felt ridiculously easy. Perma Death was not as daunting knowing you have unlimited saves. If limited to a few then it would be a cracking challenge to plan when to use them, quite like Dead Space’s ultimate difficulty. Items also seemed in quite high supply even when just sticking to main storyline and not exploring that much. Credits weren’t needed either too, only if you wanted extra Praxis kits.

The AI reduced the immersion too as you can throw everything about, hack everything (within reason) and takedown enemies quite close to others. If you’re spotted, hide, then re-emerge after the countdown, they should still be on alert with heightened senses.
They react to missing team members which is great but they need more attention to the environment; if doors / keypads are open or walls are punched through. As an example, the office of Palisade Bank Accounts Manager, Tomas Romanek, can be looted without him bothering. Also, when you’re outside the passport office that is guarded you can open the door and the guy outside gets suspicious and looks around, but because you’re outside the restricted zone that the door is in he doesn’t question you.

The story itself was pretty engaging, nothing overly unique but it played on apartheid very well. The story branches and attention to detail was very well crafted. For one of many, if you take the NSN server key card from TF29 then a Pocket Secretary will appear later in the game asking where it has been moved.

Still need to play the DLC and only through the first couple of chapters in Breach which is challenging and has quite deep features. Seems great so far though.

May do a lethal play through so I can see how the AI react and how the difficulty changes. Maybe the stealth playthrough inheritly makes it easy. Especially with a well adjusted skill tree.

For the perma death difficulty I recommend:

(minor spoilers)

No need for side missions except for Mystery Augs as it gives you practically free experience. Main missions lead to home anyway where you call Sarif and the apartment you need to visit is close to TF29 offices anyway.

Recommended Skill Tree:
Tailored for stealth and traversal

  • Glass-shield cloak
    • Reduce energy consumption early on. Useful early to tactically approach front-facing enemies, quick escape and traversal of maps
    • Can leave out the cloaked takedown support as not necessary.
  • Sarif Series 8 Energy Convertor
    • Ever other Praxis use, use here
  • Icarus Landing
  • Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis
    • Jump mod only
  • Implanted Rebreather
  • Remote Hacking
  • Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis
    •  Useful to navigate areas so easily.
      • Punch through wall
      • Optimized musculature
  • Smart Vision
    • Magpie is useful for picking out crafting parts for multi-tools. Don’t craft anything else.
  • WayFinder Radar System
    • Vision Feedback
    • Range Boost
    • Activate just before meeting Rucker. Get decent experience and gets mission over fast. Also suitable for Alison if you choose her over the bank. Bank needs more stealth but you will get to save Miller later on.

Smart Vision and WayFinder removes any need for LiDAR.

Put any left over into hacking as you may want to hack the odd thing to save multi-tools and cannot find alternate route without attracting too much attention.

Try to keep biocells above 5/6 as you’ll use more as the chapters increase. The early chapters you can get through and wait for re-charge etc. You’ll find lots anyway.

Stun Gun + Tranq. Sniper Rifle are a good combo. If want no kills then best to hide, stun him then takedown. Otherwise, if you don’t mind killing as already have pacifist achievement, then use the killswitch. Found in GARM or in the security office near where you find Miller (choose to save delegates first if looking for it in the latter option).

Pokémon Moon

Thoroughly enjoyed this new installment. The new region is wonderful and the new changes bring fresh gameplay. At first I found the S.O.S mechanic to be an absolute ballache, but feelings changed for it after gaining better pokémon and learning how to deal with it properly.
Decidueye is an absolute dude. Loving the new Alolan Pokémon but have mixed feelings about some of them, especially Persian…
90 hours in, with full alolan Pokédex and wanting more. Feels like there’s not as many secrets and places to explore compared to the previous. Especially comparing it to OR/AS with secret islands and more time-based pokémon. Diving and Waterfall weren’t on the Poké Pager either… maybe because of IGN’s classic ‘too much water’  bollocks.
Aiming to get shinies now. Hoping when the poké bank opens for it we can get to new places as well.

** spoliers **

Like following Lille to Kanto!

Also, with the new Z-Cyrstals and Mega Stones, I wonder if there is room for multiple item holding by Pokémon. If so, I think it might need a full rebalancing. Might be better for a slot solely for crystals / stones and another slot for the other items.