Pokémon Moon

Thoroughly enjoyed this new installment. The new region is wonderful and the new changes bring fresh gameplay. At first I found the S.O.S mechanic to be an absolute ballache, but feelings changed for it after gaining better pokémon and learning how to deal with it properly.
Decidueye is an absolute dude. Loving the new Alolan Pokémon but have mixed feelings about some of them, especially Persian…
90 hours in, with full alolan Pokédex and wanting more. Feels like there’s not as many secrets and places to explore compared to the previous. Especially comparing it to OR/AS with secret islands and more time-based pokémon. Diving and Waterfall weren’t on the Poké Pager either… maybe because of IGN’s classic ‘too much water’  bollocks.
Aiming to get shinies now. Hoping when the poké bank opens for it we can get to new places as well.

** spoliers **

Like following Lille to Kanto!

Also, with the new Z-Cyrstals and Mega Stones, I wonder if there is room for multiple item holding by Pokémon. If so, I think it might need a full rebalancing. Might be better for a slot solely for crystals / stones and another slot for the other items.




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