The Eyes of My Mother

This art house horror was strong at points, it portrayed a lonely psychopath very well and some scenes were visually pleasing, but it felt empty. I wasn’t expecting a climax but there was nothing to take away from the film.

** spoilers **

Some of the plot points were left too much to your assumptions; as example, Francisca, an unsocial lonely psychopath, went to a isolated bar and took home another woman. It seemed highly odd, especially from the only visual to go on was a very awkward converation from the car window. You couldn’t even assume they met previously as when they got home she quipped about their awkwardness of a first time meeting.

Took me a while to really think back over this film as I really wanted to like it. There were great elements to it but the plot really let it down.The silences inbetween the few conversations seemed to be forced longer which didn’t help.



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