Hearts in Atlantis

A really lovely film, Hopkins and Yelchin deliver excellent performances.

Such a tragedy to lose Anton Yelchin. Hard to see IMDb reviews like this:

“Hopkins is great as usual , as is the boy, Anton Yelchin and the latter has a great career ahead of him”

Can’t really say much else on the story as I haven’t read the book, but hearing good commentry on how it differs and how the movie adaption works well. Will get round to reading more Stephen King.



I was actually stunned at how atrocious this film was… such a shame too as the setting was sound, albeit Elysium being Halo-esque. The effects were the only entertaining part, most of the story fell so flat and none of the characters had depth.

*minor spoilers*

I think there’s enough reviews out there pointing out the flaws of this film but one of the most niggling ones was the narrative of how he came to get cancer, it was appallingly bad. It seemed to have been written just to force the story to work. There wasn’t even an explanation of why the factory was spraying highly radioactive material on the robots, which I don’t mind, but it was the fact that the systems detected organic material in the machine yet continued process. Especially in a factory using this manufacturing material in 2154… it was laughable.

The story would’ve been better if it was just about the power struggle between Elysium and Earth without having this forced illness, which seemed to have no effect on him when he had that exo-suit anyway.

Elysium being overridden by one core code was horrific too, even the electricity was tied to the AI reset code, with no human based failsafe in place either… Sci-Fi needs to have some basis or logical reasons at the very core of the story.

To top it off, even the base was conveniently bare when the bad guys took control. There was only a few of them, one facially reconstructed, beard too, from a grenade in the face in time to continue take over…

Don’t recommend.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Took me a while to get into this game unfortunately. Reached episode 12 when I took a hiatus…

*major spoilers*
It was that mission in particular that drove me to take one. It felt that the mission forced a certain play style, especially not letting me escape without being seen by Sahelanthropus nor by any other means than chopper…

The AI was immersion breaking and the repetitiveness of the side missions was troubling me. The user interface didn’t feel PC friendly either, but came back to it with fresh eyes, taking it for what it was, ignoring the flaws, and enjoyed it. The characters were great and some of the main story missions were incredibly fun to play.

Well… Episode 43… damn what an episode

“Staff member has died…”

“Staff member has died…”

The graphics were lovely, the FOX engine is a great piece of tech. I just don’t think it lives up to its predecessors in gameplay but still enjoyed it when filling in its flaws.

With it being a MGS game I am going to have to read over the lore and try to piece it all together again with a lot being retconned. Was great to listen to the tapes whilst I was taking breaks / eating but need more story. Saying that, I still need to complete MGS4… The main storyline wasn’t as epic as I hoped, but absolutely loved the parasites and Quiet’s epicness. Maxing her out with a silent sniper plus having one myself made an excellent combination and began to enjoy taking on the same outposts from different angles.

Still haven’t played the actual online games yet but may get round to it sometime. The Online F.O.B missions are repetitive but you can unlock some unique stuff.

Need to find if there’s other secrets, only discovered the Quiet secret where you have to replay her mission 7 times to get her back, also unlocking Sniper Wolf’s costume. I needed her back.

Queen of the Damned

Finally got round to the 3rd volume of the Vampire Chronicles and absolutely loved it. Always a pleasure, but specifically enjoyed learning more of the origins and the ancient ones; never a bland character.

For some bizarre reason I actually merged Baby Jenks and Jesse together though. That was a fault of mine rather than the writing. From reading back over Jenks’ chapter I have no idea how…

Watched the film again afterwards and forgot how bad it was.
Grand budget and great soundtrack, but most of the characters don’t reflect the book well.
Stuart Townsend played a good Lestat though, and they did try to keep the core points to the one film.

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of the Vampire Chronicles television series that’s in the hands of Anne herself and her son Chris.

For now, onto The Tale of the Body Thief.

T2 Trainspotting

Enjoyed this film overall. Great shots, cracking soundtrack, quality jokes and loved seeing these guys again, but it felt a lot milder than the first. I suppose it’ll be hard to really top the previous…


Major Spoilers:

At the end, I expected Begbie to be crushed in the car boot. There were little transitional scene throughout the film that showed cars being crushed which I thought was a bit of foreshadowing. The whole ending was a bit weaker than I expected.

The viagra scene too was a let down .. a lot of build up to a very weak climax.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a third one but really hoping they don’t drag it out.


DOOM [2016]

This game is incredibly fun. The graphics are superb and the story flow is well crafted and humorous. Just what you need heading back to hell.
Replaying the game was a joy and loved clocking all the challenges and mastering the weapons / runes.

Glory killing just never got old.

Even attempting the story mode on Ultra-NIghtmare but hitting a few snags with it.

Arcade mode is too addictive as well… The respawn time combined with the urge to get the Slayer medal on Ultra-Nightmare makes for constant play, even forgot to blink at parts trying to focus on getting max score.

Really could keep playing and aim for 100% but want to move on to other things.
Definitely going back to it though sometime.

Multiplayer seemed pretty solid, I just didn’t play that much more of it as not a big player of that kind of online play. The unlockables are tempting; I’m a sucker for collecting but o

The SnapMap editor was very intuitive and deep too, played some great featured maps.
It adds so much more to the already big game. These 4 modes are definitely worth a purchase.

Minor Spoilers:

The game feels more suited for the close range / glory killer. Hard to get some good sniping areas and when you do, especially on the harder difficulties, it’s easier just to keep moving and shooting close. There’s only 1 sniping gun anyway so isn’t too much of a loss.
[Edit]It’s a DOOM game anyway – don’t need snipers. The fact you don’t reload and there’s no cover gameplay makes it so much faster. Probably why I didn’t blink sometimes.[/Edit]

When the close play style is combined with the Armored Offensive rune and the Rich Get Richer you’ll be destroying everything as the infinite ammo perk will be held active longer. Best to throw points into upgrading the armor maximum obviously and maxing out that rune to lower the minimum required for that perk to 75.

Also, watch out if constantly firing the explosives when infinite… I blew myself up a few too many times spamming the world with rockets and forgetting to take care. The Environmental Resistance upgrades are worth getting…

Ammo Boost is useful early on and / or Equipment Power, if you’re a demolitions kind of player. As you won’t have the previous runes unlocked anyway to really make use of the infinite ammo.

Don’t think there was many negative points with this game. The story isn’t anything to write home about but the whole experience makes it a great recommendation.