Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Took me a while to get into this game unfortunately. Reached episode 12 when I took a hiatus…

*major spoilers*
It was that mission in particular that drove me to take one. It felt that the mission forced a certain play style, especially not letting me escape without being seen by Sahelanthropus nor by any other means than chopper…

The AI was immersion breaking and the repetitiveness of the side missions was troubling me. The user interface didn’t feel PC friendly either, but came back to it with fresh eyes, taking it for what it was, ignoring the flaws, and enjoyed it. The characters were great and some of the main story missions were incredibly fun to play.

Well… Episode 43… damn what an episode

“Staff member has died…”

“Staff member has died…”

The graphics were lovely, the FOX engine is a great piece of tech. I just don’t think it lives up to its predecessors in gameplay but still enjoyed it when filling in its flaws.

With it being a MGS game I am going to have to read over the lore and try to piece it all together again with a lot being retconned. Was great to listen to the tapes whilst I was taking breaks / eating but need more story. Saying that, I still need to complete MGS4… The main storyline wasn’t as epic as I hoped, but absolutely loved the parasites and Quiet’s epicness. Maxing her out with a silent sniper plus having one myself made an excellent combination and began to enjoy taking on the same outposts from different angles.

Still haven’t played the actual online games yet but may get round to it sometime. The Online F.O.B missions are repetitive but you can unlock some unique stuff.

Need to find if there’s other secrets, only discovered the Quiet secret where you have to replay her mission 7 times to get her back, also unlocking Sniper Wolf’s costume. I needed her back.


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