I was actually stunned at how atrocious this film was… such a shame too as the setting was sound, albeit Elysium being Halo-esque. The effects were the only entertaining part, most of the story fell so flat and none of the characters had depth.

*minor spoilers*

I think there’s enough reviews out there pointing out the flaws of this film but one of the most niggling ones was the narrative of how he came to get cancer, it was appallingly bad. It seemed to have been written just to force the story to work. There wasn’t even an explanation of why the factory was spraying highly radioactive material on the robots, which I don’t mind, but it was the fact that the systems detected organic material in the machine yet continued process. Especially in a factory using this manufacturing material in 2154… it was laughable.

The story would’ve been better if it was just about the power struggle between Elysium and Earth without having this forced illness, which seemed to have no effect on him when he had that exo-suit anyway.

Elysium being overridden by one core code was horrific too, even the electricity was tied to the AI reset code, with no human based failsafe in place either… Sci-Fi needs to have some basis or logical reasons at the very core of the story.

To top it off, even the base was conveniently bare when the bad guys took control. There was only a few of them, one facially reconstructed, beard too, from a grenade in the face in time to continue take over…

Don’t recommend.



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