Was great to see a take on an alien movie exploring the languages deeply, but it didn’t feel as grand as everyone made it out to be.
Just wish they hadn’t revealed so early either…

In the flash ‘forward’ scene where her daughter had the drawing of her parents, there was also the drawing of the birdcage they used earlier which instantly revealed the movie [screenshot below]. This scene was 59 minutes into the film. It was always pusing the cyclical temporal theme anyway but this was the moment that unravelled the film.

I guess I yearned for more as that reveal left me a bit flat. I want to know why rather than ‘we need you 3000 years from now’. Especially when the tagline (on the poster above) says slap bang in the middle ‘WHY ARE THEY HERE?’ … well, we still don’t know…

Read more for spoiler screenshot:



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