Alien: Isolation

Glad I got back into this game.. I got to a point where I couldn’t advance; couldn’t locate Dr. Morley. I found the whiteboard and scoured the area but all the ways to his route were locked, and the Alien kept annihilating me.
Recently I rewatched Alien, Aliens and Prometheus which pushed me to get back to playing, but still couldn’t advance. Reluctantly I checked online for same issues and realised it was a common bug that wouldn’t trigger the quest to advance, so I had to replay the level… in hindsight I should have done that first – it wasn’t far either.
Avoiding the Alien fresh after a long hiatus was difficult initially, I’d forgotten how hard the AI was. It actually broke the immersion sometimes, especially seeing the Xenomorph walk down a corridor only to be grabbed up from under an open vent down the opposite way…

The atmosphere was sublime, a fitting counterpart to Ridley Scott’s classic. The way of getting around and scrambling through vents was stressful in the right way. Excellent design choice to have save points and a processing time as well – avoids scum saving and adds to the urgency. I felt the keyboard and mouse play style couldn’t really work well as it was difficult to sneak and peek without the analogue controls.

The face huggers were damn annoying — kinda in a good way though as they panic you. I recommend fire for those fuckers, as it’s ridiculously hard to shoot them even with a shotgun sadly. If you have to fight the Alien, save the flamer and just use bombs, there’s enough parts to keep the item count near the upper limit too. If you can’t fully construct something still put parts into it to leave more room in your main inventory. Never found much use for the smoke grenade but if you’re out of things to throw for distraction then use these, otherwise save your parts for the better bombs.

The ending was a bit of a let down… the Aliens outside in space didn’t feel right… There was enough tension built in just moving in the space suit.

Still need to get the other DLC. Crew Expendable was nostalgic but too short. Also – that bastard main vent traversal was hard, takes a lot to make the Alien retreat, and relying on solely the directions from Lambert was not going to happen on Nightmare difficulty.



4 thoughts on “Alien: Isolation

      • Instant death is always brutal is video games. Yet, as annoying as it is, there’s something rewarding about developing the skills to avoid it :P

        That said, would you like to share your articles in our FB group? We’re a growing community of gaming bloggers and we’d be thrilled to have more writers share and discuss their work. Just search for “Game Bloggers United” on Facebook.

      • Totally, it’s good they’re later in the game as it’s less stressful but I still would’ve liked to avoid them earlier… maybe… haha.

        I’ll check the group out, thanks. This blog is more of a list to keep track of what I’ve played, so I remember it better, with a few comments & stories rather than a professional analysis of the game, but if the group suits this style then I’d share few.

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