La Tortue Rouge (The Red Turtle)

A stunning film. Well animated and perfectly minimalistic.
Pretty high expectations from it being the first non-Japanese produced film from Studio Ghibli too.
Well recommended.


Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Stuning game, audibly and visually.
A mystery game I’ve wanted to play for some time now as the exploration was rewarding. The fact the game didn’t spoon feed you it made the puzzles naturally engaging; just wish there were more of them as it felt rather too short.
Well worth a play.

Far Cry 3 & Blood Dragon


Far Cry 3

Overall I was disappointed with this game. It lacked what made the first game special.

Vaas was an interesting antagonist with some depth it seemed, but he fell flat and to the side… the story as a whole wasn’t that remarkable. It never hit that high note it seemed it was promising with it’s mysteries; always teasing greater things ahead.
The only time I felt it got somewhere was with the Ink Monster battle, during one of the Hallucinations. It was a simple battle but epic, and naturally I expected harder and grander battles ahead…

.. . but then you were greeted with severely unrewarding QTE boss battles.

There was no drive to explore either, as everything was mapped out. You can purchase maps to relics for very little cost. Which leads to the fact that I didn’t need to preserve cash as it was easy to max out the wallet, even after fully upgraded.

The guns felt great to use and the graphics were lovely; rarely a bug was encountered.
It would’ve improved gameplay vastly though if there were options to remove these immersion breaking features. My eyes kept settling on the mini-map whilst playing which is a such a shame.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon was incredible. It delivered the stereotype perfectly, where the other one failed. Humour was on-point and the action was solid.
Still suffered from some of the negative points as the other, but because the main core worked well, the negative impact was little.
Definitely worth a play through.